A visit to the beach is not a routine for many people, and some say “hello” to the ocean for months. While a day at the beach should be carefully planned, this Sand Cloud review will help make your day at the beach more enjoyable.

About Sand Cloud

Sand Cloud sells eco-friendly and beautifully designed swimwear, towels, apparel and accessories.

Sand Cloud’s first product, a beach towel, caught the attention of investors at Shark Tank, where Robert Herjavec signed a contract with the company. The Pacific Marine Mammal Center named the company “Philanthropist of the Year,” Inc Magazine named it one of the fastest growing companies, and it has partnered with organizations like Ryan’s Recycling for beach cleanups.

The ocean-friendly company has a long list of brand ambassadors who draw attention to its aesthetically pleasing, ocean-friendly products and promote its mission to protect marine life.

Nature has its own appeal, and people firmly believe that spending time on the coast rejuvenates people and has a positive impact on mental, emotional and physical health. So if you absolutely must go to the beach, be sure to equip yourself with the right gear, as recommended in Sand Cloud’s article.

History and mission of Sand Cloud

Bruno Aschidamini, Brandon Leibel and Steven Ford came up with the idea for Sand Cloud in San Diego. They thought about what a great towel would look like and what it could do in relation to the ocean and the lives it supports. Sand Cloud was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in San Diego, California.

Sand Cloud’s investment in Shark Tank has allowed them to grow their company and increase their net worth to millions. The trio’s goal is to “save the fish” by donating profits to marine conservation organizations and using environmentally friendly products.

Before we move on to the product part, we invite you to take a look at the pros and cons of this brand in the Sand Cloud review.

Sand Cloud's discount code


– Sustainable materials are used to make the towels, clothing, and accessories.

– Marine life conservation organizations receive 10% of profits

– Beachwear and towels are sand-resistant, packable and quick-drying.

– Subscription to Sand Cloud allows for 5%, 10% off or free shipping.

– Payment through the AfterPay service


– The cost is comparatively a little higher

Sand Cloud online store has a refreshing atmosphere that encourages you to buy the best beach gear. The reason for this is that a day at the seaside exhausts you. It’s a natural trade-off. Sand Cloud will now introduce you to some of the best-selling products that will give you an oceanic feeling.

Sand Cloud Towel Review

Sand Cloud's discount code

Sand Cloud towels are lightweight, sand resistant, quick drying and silky. They dry three times faster than regular towels, get softer and more absorbent with each wash, and are available through Afterpay. This Sand Cloud review now focuses on some of the company’s best-selling towels.

As nature has its own attraction, people strongly believe that the place on the coast rejuvenates people and has a positive impact on mental, emotional and physical health. So, if you are planning to visit the beach, make sure you equip yourself with the right gear as recommended in the Sand Cloud review.

Sand Cloud – Wanderlust XL

Hand-dyed in truly magical colors, each Wanderlust XL towel can be used as a sarong, throw, blanket or hand towel.

Measuring 62″ x76″, this sand-resistant towel is made of 100 percent Turkish cotton and is best hand washed. The colors will break out in the first few washes, so be careful. For $68, you can get the eye-catching Wanderlust XL towel.

Sand Cloud Turquoise Turtle Seagrass – Large

This towel is double sided with one side having a turquoise and white pattern and the other side having a white background with a turquoise pattern. The Turquoise Turtle Seagrass Large is a cool choice for swinging at the beach.

This towel measures 54″ x 67″ and has 2″ tassels for added flair. It is made from 100 percent organic Turkish cotton. To care for, machine wash the towel in cold water on the gentle cycle and hang to dry. The total cost for the Turquoise Turtle Seagrass Large towel is $68.

The Sand Cloud review will now talk about the Sand Cloud Bundles.

Sand Cloud Bundles Review

Sand Cloud's discount code

Sand Cloud wants to be more than just a beach towel provider. Beach towels, clothing, water bottles, and even bedding are available in bundles. However, buying them all individually is less of an issue. Below, the Sand Cloud review will focus on the brand’s most popular bundles.

Sand Cloud – Gray Bath Bundle

Gray Bath Bundle is made of 100% Turkish cotton and is woven in Turkey. It is soft, thin and absorbent. The towels have a semi-looped terry fabric on one side and a semi-flat fabric on the other, making them much lighter than a regular towel.

Two gray towels (18″ x 22″) and two gray bath towels (35″ x 60″) are included in this package. Machine wash your towels and dry on low. Do not use fabric softener or bleach. The gray bath towel package costs $80 and is made from sustainable materials. It is textured and dries quickly.

Sand Cloud Rip Current Bundle

The Sand Cloud Rip Current Bundle includes the following items:

– 1 Turtle Water Bottle

– 1 Wanderlust Acid Wash XL Towel

– 1 Sherbert T-shirt with long sleeves

Since the T-shirt and towel are tie-dyed, they should be washed separately to avoid color bleeding, which can happen after the first few washes, according to the Sand Cloud review.

The T-shirt is available in sizes XS-XL, and the Sand Cloud Rip Current Bundle, which normally costs $130, has been reduced to $73.

The Customers Review for Sand Cloud

The oceanic feeling will never end, but the Sand Cloud review ends with customer feedback on Sand Cloud.

“Three words for Sand Cloud products: SUPER COMFORTABLE, HOT, ENGAGING!”

“My day at the beach with Sand Cloud is unforgettable. My whole family has enjoyed the Sand Cloud package because it includes so many beach-friendly accessories.”

“When you invest in Sand Cloud products, you are making the right choice. My experience with the towels has been great. They dry so quickly, and the sandblocking feature is so cool!”

“Beautifully sculpted with exquisite color choices. Made for the beach atmosphere.”

How to Avail Sand Cloud Discount Offers? Go to the Sand Cloud website and sign up for their email newsletter service. You will then receive a 5% or 15% discount, or shipping can be reduced to $0.

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