Finding the perfect pair of jeans is a dream that never came true. If you’re like me, you know exactly what I’m talking about. It seems almost impossible to find jeans that fit your bust, thighs and waist at the same time!

In my opinion, jeans have a tough job to do. They have to support our curves, match all sorts of tops in our wardrobe and stretch to the max when we decide to stuff our bellies with cheesy stuff and fat on diet days! And most importantly, they should last a lifetime, because that’s what jeans are for after all!

So, after making an endless list of what I wanted my jeans to look and feel like (like I was looking for my soul mate ☺, I combed through several online and local stores to find the right pair of jeans that would wait for me in all their glory. But I couldn’t find any of them. Either they didn’t fit, I didn’t like the wash, or we just weren’t meant to be together! While scrolling through randomly and reading promising reviews, I came across Good American.

After struggling with dozens of cheap and expensive jeans, I decided to give Good American a shot. Plus, the brand has a lot of great reviews. I wanted to try this brand because other people totally loved the fabric, stretch, and durability of their jeans. So, *drum roll* here is my review.

The Story of Good American

Good American is a Kardashian brand. They are one of the few brands that offer body fitting, which means that no matter what size you are, whether you are short, tall, thin or curvy, you can find a pair of jeans for you. They have sizes ranging from 00 to 24!

In addition, Good American offers sportswear, a wide selection of clothing, including the best bodysuits, and maternity clothing. Good American focuses on a wide range of sizes, rather than having a separate department for plus sizes (yay for that!).

Good American Discount Code and Sale

Wait for it. Use Good American promo code and get up to 60% off top-selling styles in sizes 00-30. The sale is in one of the following categories:

  • Jeans
  • Sportswear
  • Tops
  • Dresses
  • Jumpsuits
  • Good American Shoes

New collections at Good American

Good American discount code

Good Sweats + Essentials: Made from super soft, natural and durable cotton, these sweatshirts and loungewear are a wardrobe essential. They feature cool batik prints and solid color patterns.

Sportswear essentials: the most comfortable and breathable sportswear is available at Good American starting at $45, perfect for your workout or a relaxing day at home.

99 Essential Denim: These are the jeans you need every day. This versatile garment offers flattering fits and perfect tailoring that won’t blow your budget.

Good Legs Low: The new low is not so low. These jeans have a high waist in the back and a deep, sexy V in the front that ends just below your belly button.

Military Details: Good American has introduced military-inspired jumpsuits, tops and jeans that flatter and hug your body.

The Cotton Collection: the coolest cotton pieces with the softest fabric are available at Good American. Cotton is natural, breathable and as beautiful as it is comfortable to wear.

Better Than Leather & Suede: Better Than Leather & Suede is back with a buttery soft faux suede. A clean cut and fearless attitude for those who want to look as badass as they feel.

The All-New Denim: This collection features denim with attention to detail, like turned-up ankles, frayed hems and more.

Always Fit: Your body changes size. Your jeans don’t have to anymore. A pair of Always Fits stretches up to four sizes for a perfect fit every time.

Swim well: Swimwear that contours to your body to give you the perfect figure.

For more great deals, check out our Beachly magazine and our Beachly Spring Box.

Discounted Products at Good American:

Grab your favorite pieces with Good American’s discount code.

Jumpsuits:  A one size fits all wonder always saves the day! Jumpsuits are so versatile and easy to dress up or down, they can go from work to weekend in no time.

Dresses: the dress collection is dedicated to the Kardashian siblings. Their dresses for all occasions complement each other, fit and offer comfort. The best part is that they will never show a bro or panty line.

Bodysuits: Bodysuits are the flattering foundation of your look! Created with compression fabrics to enhance your shape like never before. Available in all the essential styles women know. 

Shoes: Iconic silhouettes, bold prints and unreal comfort. The right American shoes are the perfect element to add a bit of crazy to your outfit.

Good American Jeans Press Review

Good American discount code

Jeans stretch with your curves and hug your hips perfectly.

My Final Review

To ensure that the jeans would be realistically represented by women, Good American spent a month casting models to accurately represent the brand’s entire size range. In fact, have you ever heard of a size 15 in jeans? Chances are you haven’t, because Good American is also the first brand to offer that perfect in-between size, the 15, which was designed specifically to meet the needs of customers, as many size 14 and 16 pairs are often returned.

In addition to jeans, the brand also offers stunningly designed dresses, tops and shoes. Their selection and tailoring give their clothes a bold yet stylish look, and the best part! Their items are crazy for women of all sizes and the icing on the cake…they have the best Good American promo code that is perfect for your budget.

What more could you ask for? It can be hard to narrow down your favorite pair of Good American jeans with so many styles and washes, but start with the denim guide by looking at a pair in your size, and I know you will find the perfect fit from there.

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